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Beefy's Nepal and Tibet Page: A brief resume, plus photos, info. and stories from my journey across Tibet, from Lhasa to Kathmandu. A True Story - is Tibet part of China? Also photos, information and a few tales from Kathmandu.

Bureau du Tibet (Office of Tibet in Paris): Since 1996, Bureau du Tibet, Paris, publishes a trimester magazine on all aspects of Tibet : ACTUALITE´S TIBE´TAINES. Subscription : 25 Euro for France, 30 Euro for EU, 35 Euro for non EU European countries, and 40 Euro for the rest of the world. This magazine has become a reference material for the French speaking world regarding the Tibetan issue. Every issue carries an indepth article on religion, culture, politics, etc....

Free Tibet Campaign : Free Tibet Campaign's official site. Campaigning for an end to the Chinese occupation of Tibet and for the Tibetans' fundamental human rights to be respected. News, Events, Merchandise, in depth Information and Advice (including Tibetan Culture, Environment, History, Politics, Religion, Travel, Women's issues) and Contacts. UK based.

Friends of Tibet -India: What is happening at the Roof of the World after the illegal invasion of Tibet in 1959 by the Communist China.


Hear Tibet!: International campaign for a United Nations sponsored referendum in Tibet.

Independent Tibet Network: Formed in 1988 we are a research and lobbying network which campaigns on the issue of Tibetan independence and women's human rights, particularly the appalling subject of forced sterilizations and forced abortions. We research and publish reports, including 'Orders of the State' (2000) and 'Children of Despair' (1992). Our aim is to provide political and other forms of assistance to Tibetans and promote Tibet's rightful independence. We are an international network where people can join our online campaigns, give donations, research information or help orphaned children.


Preserving Tibetan Culture: Tibetan culture; political focus; regional associations and support groups; spiritual healing -- Tibetan medicine; Tibetan buddhism; preservation projects.

Save Tibet (Austria): An organisation for help to the Tibetan people, with over 3000 members and supporters. It works for an end to the Chinese occupation of Tibet and for the reinstallment of Tibetans' fundamental human rights. Its campaigns are directed at the public, media, politicians and international bodies, its activities range from public talks to direct actions. Save Tibet also supports various projects in Dharamsala through donations to maintain the tibetan culture.


Tibetan Government-in-Exile's official website

Tibet Justice Center (formerly International Committee of Lawyers for Tibet): Tibet Justice Center advocates self-determination for the Tibetan people. Through legal action and education, Tibet Justice Center promotes human rights, environmental protection and peaceful resolution of the situation in Tibet. Tibet Justice Center is a non-profit organization supported by attorneys, other concerned individuals and organizations.

Tibet - Kilima.com: An online guide to Tibet: Art, Film, Literature, Music, News & Travel

TibetNet-Tibetans' Virtual Homeland (Multilingual Site) (English only): The official name of His Holiness the Dalai Lama's Tibetan Government-in-Exile is the "Central Tibetan Administration" (CTA). The CTA was first established on 29 April 1959 in Mussoorie as the continuation of the Tibetan Government in Tibet. In May 1960, the CTA was moved to Dharamsala in north-west India. The Tibetan people, both in and outside Tibet, recognise the CTA as their sole and legitimate government. It is also being increasingly recognised as the legitimate government of the Tibetan people by parliaments around the world. The CTA spearheads the Tibetan people's struggle to regain their freedom. It also looks after the welfare of some 130,000 Tibetans in exile. The CTA functions according to the modern democratic principles of its constitution, which is adopted by the popularly-elected legislative assembly known as the Assembly of Tibetan People's Deputies. His Holiness the Dalai Lama, reviewing the website before launch, said that he was greatly encouraged to see information on Tibet in so many languages. "With the sudden proliferation of Tibet-related Web sites, it is my hope that a virtual Tibetan community can be created in cyberspace, to be freely accessible to everyone interested in Tibetan Buddhism, Tibetan culture and Tibet's present tragic fate," the Dalai Lama said in a message on the launch. TibetNet is thought to be the first large Web site published in Tibetan.

Warriors of Tibet : The Story of Aten and the Khampas' Fight for the Freedom of Their Country: Jamyang Norbu, Published 1987.

What can I do for Tibet?: Presents a long list of concrete activities and campaigns that can be pursued to help Tibet become independent.


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Mapping the Tibetan World

Mapping the Tibetan World
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