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Adventure Plus Nepal P. Ltd.: Adventure Plus Nepal is one of the leading online inbound tour operators within Nepal. We are offering assorted tour and trek plans for groups and individuals in Nepal including Mt. Everest region, Annapurna region, Kanchenajunga, Dolpo, as well as other Asian regional destinations like Tibet, Bhutan, India and Leh & Ladakh.

Alison Wright: View photos by Alison Wright and information about her latest book "The Spirit of Tibet: Portrait of a Culture in Exile."

Art and Architecture Conservation of Tibetan Monasteries: An ongoing program to repair important religious monuments in eastern Tibet, restore the artworks within them, and train Tibetans in the techniques of art conservation.

Artem Puchkov's Page: Tibetan Culture, Art, Paintings, Holy places of the Himalayas. The personal Page of Crimean Painter Artem Puchkov, who travelled in the Himalayas, Tibet and created his paintings there.

Asian American Net: The mission of Asian American Net is to promote and strengthen cultural, educational, and commercial ties between Asia and North America.

Associazione Tibet Domani: We are a small organization dedicated to the preservation of Tibetan Religion, Science and Arts through publication. A major portion of the proceeds from the sales goes to the Institutes that we are collaborating with on the publications. The balance is used for further publications being translated into different languages.

Ayurveda: The film is an intelligent and poignant look at spirituality; it explores Ayurveda "as the science of life and art of healing, where body, mind and spirit are given equal importance." AYURVEDA is a journey through India - but it is also a journey in time: times of ancient ways of healing, times of tribal ways of healing, times of modern ways of healing.

Awesome Library: Provides information on the culture, history, and religion of Tibetans.

Buddhist Prayer Flags: Prayerflags.com is the most comprehensive website on the Tibetan prayer flag tradition. There are photos and descriptions of over 50 designs - all available for purchase online. The prayer flags we sell are carefully researched and exqisitely printed on high quality cotton cloth.

Casa Tibet Mexico Homepage: Casa Tibet Mexico is a cultural, non sectarian institution. It was founden in July 1989 by His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama, (Peace Nobel Price in 1989), the Tibetan Government-in-Exile and The Office of Tibet in New York as the first official representation of the Tibetan people in Latin America.

Chenrezig Himalayan Cultural Center of El Paso, Texas: Featuring a time-lapse video of Lobsang Samten constructing a Manjusri Sand Mandala. Includes a list of events at the meditation center, an anotated list of Himalayan websites, Tibetan quotes, booklist and plenty of pictures.

China and Tibet luxury tour itinerary: Luxury tour itinerary for China and Tibet. This cultural tour includes Beijing and Chengdu in China; Lhasa, Shigatse, Gyantse and Tsedang in Tibet.

China tour operator offering luxury tour to China and Tibet: Luxury tours to China and Tibet introducing her history and culture. Outstanding five star hotels, select restaurants, carefully designed itineraries, knowledgeable and professional guides allow you to travel China in style.

Concordia Expeditions, Inc. (Pakistan adventure travel): See Pakistan with Pakistanis! We offer several modes of adventure travel in Pakistan including spectacular treks, jeep tours, and cultural tours. All of our trips have English-speaking native guides and we maintain a reservations office in North America for your convenience. Join us!

Colorado Friends of Tibet: CFT is a non-profit, state-wide educational charity which serves the people of Colorado and Tibet by preserving and presenting the rich cultural heritage of Tibet while advocating self-determination for the Tibetan people in their homeland. You can visit our website to become a member and receive our newsletter Lothun.

Cultura Tibetana: Tibetan culture, language, science and religion; specially the conceptions of mind, cognition, healing and consciousness related to Tibetan Buddhism and its relationships with quantum physics and education.

Culture of Ladakh: A brief overview of Ladakhi culture, with an extensive list of suggestions for further reading.


DharamsalaNet, The: Dharamsala Information Resource - Links to the Tibetan Community, Arts and Culture, Schools and Meditation Centres, Directories and Buddhist Web-sites, Women of Dharamsala, Holiday and Travel Guides, Health and the Environment, Computers, Radio stations and Lists of Tibetan Films, International Associations, Support Groups, World News Services, Weather, Web Radio, Music and Discourse downloads and Teaching Schedules.

Dudjom Buddhist Association: We are a Tibetan Buddhist organization of the Nyingma School, and all our activities are dedicated to Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche, His incarnation and all His enlightened activities all over the world. Our spiritual leader is Kyabje Dudjom Yangsi Pema Osel Rinpoche, and our spiritual advisor is Kyabje Chadral Sangye Dorje Rinpoche.

Dwarikas: The magnificence of Dwarika's is its buildings of intricate carved wood and terracotta work that must have taken 10 million hours of the best craftsmen in Nepal. Every brick is handmade and every piece of wood work a centuries old original. But Dwarika's is also about intimate luxury and the spirit and hospitality of the Nepali people.

Dzogchen Community "Kundrolling" of Buryatia: "A history of a Thangka": Description of a Thangka of "Guru Padmasambhava" with a lot of details and explanation.

Earth Science Expeditions:Earth Science Expeditions is a non-profit tax exempt research organization that conducts reconnaissance geological expeditions on roadless sections of major rivers in western China and Tibet. This page contains information about the next expedition planned plus links to descriptions of previous expeditions and the geology of Tibet and western China.

East Tibet: The Dokham Homepage: A website dedicated to eastern Tibet only, known as Dokham (mo khams) in Tibetan. Information and reports on Amdo and Kham

Equitour- India/Ladakh: Ladakh lies high in India's Himalayan Mountains and its culture is closely related to neighboring Tibet. We travel on horseback along the ancient routes used for trade between the two countries. The monasteries we visit contain wonderful art treasures. The magnificent beauty of the mountains is enhanced by green oases and turquoise lakes.

esTibet. Recursos en internet sobre el Tibet: Informaci―n y enlaces clasificados sobre religi―n, instituciones, publicaciones, recursos, noticias, moesica, software... sobre el Tibet.

Estonian-Tibetan Cultural Society: Estonian-Tibetan Cultural Society (ETCS) is an academic organization, founded with the aim to study and introduce Tibetan culture in Estonia and help preserve its inheritance in Tibet. The society publishes texts and translations, organizes lectures and seminars.

Films and Videos on Tibet: A periodically updated annotated list of films and videos concerning Tibet and the immediate regions around it. Currently the list has about 425 citations.

First descent of the Nag Chu: First descent of the Nag Chu (Tibetan name meaning Black River, called the Nu in China and the Salween in Myanmar). Eight Americans in rafts and kayaks boated 154 miles in 11 days, visiting Tibetan monasteries and chortans that had not been seen by foreigners in several decades.

First descent (almost) of the Za Qu: First descent (almost) of the Za Qu (Tibetan name, called the Lancang Jiang in China and the Mekong in Vietnam). Eight Americans in kayaks boated 100 miles in 9 days, visiting Tibetan monasteries and chortans that had not been seen by foreigners in several decades.

Footprints Tours Ltd -The Art of Western Tibet: An escorted tour which focuses on the magnificent temple and cave art of western Tibet - the history and culture of this region and its nomad people. Includes trekking from Nepal, within the area and around Mt Kailas. Quality travel for the discerning by a company based out of New Zealand.

Friends of Tibetan Women's Association (FOTWA): Friends of Tibetan Women's Association (FOTWA) is a nonprofit educational organization. Our mission is to aid Tibetans living in exile and to expand worldwide awareness of the refugee experience. It is a difficult journey for Tibetans leaving their homeland; our sponsors lessen the hardships by providing funds for food and shelter, education and family support, clean water and medicine. When basic needs are met, the important work of cultural preservation begins.


Global Harvest Educational Center: Global Harvest Educational Center, Listings of Tibetan and Buddhist Organizations, Temples and web sites in general. Contains Buddhist study materials, devotionals, etc.

GoverNMent of The Worlds: "The Structure that supports the system"

Guru Yoga teaching by His Holiness Penor Rinpoche: Teaching by H.H. Penor Rinpoche given in California in 1996. Teaching includes the importance and qualities of the teacher and how to examine and rely upon him or her.

Himalayan Art Project: The mission of the Himalayan Art Project is to create a comprehensive research archive of Himalayan and Tibetan art. To this end, the project catalogues and exhibits images of art from museum, university and private collections around the world. The archive identifies and catalogues paintings, sculpture, block prints, initiation cards and murals, highlighting where possible their historical and aesthetic significance. Many Himalayan art objects created in sets have since been dispersed among different collections. The ability to reunite these sets using digital media is a direct benefit of a comprehensive research archive.

Himalayan Explorers Connection: The mission of the Himalayan Explorers Connection is to promote a better understanding of and respect for the environment and cultures of the Himalayan region. HEC coordinates education, assistance, and cross-cultural experiences for members, volunteers, trekkers, and Himalayan residents.

Independence Walk (Orange County Friends of Tibet): Photo documentary of Tibet Independence Walk from San Francisco to Los Angeles, Spring-Summer 2000.

International Society for Ecology and Culture: ISEC's director Helena Norberg Hodge has been working in Ladakh since the 1970s, and engaging with and writing about the impact of economic globalisation and development on the culture and environment of Ladakh. ISEC runs a one month Ladakh farm project every June to September.

Jenny Chu - Photographer: A comprehensive, high quality collection of recent photos depicting people and the way of life in Tibet and S.W. China.

Kanger: A forum for Kashmiris around the world.: Our objective is to bring all the people of this unique, beautiful and much talked about land together so that we will contribute something back to the great land from which our generations have come forth.

Kham Aid Foundation: We assist Tibetans of the eastern Tibetan plateau through support of education, cultural preservation, health, economic development, and environmental protection. We also offer in-depth information for travelers to the region.

Lark In The Morning - World Musical Instruments, Books, Recordings and Videos: A selection of musical instruments from many countries. Available From The Lark In The Morning Musical Catalog. Musical instruments and recording from over 60 cultures.

LHASA -- Potala Palace: Chinese Corporate Logo: LHASA -- Potala Palace: Chinese Corporate Logo by foreign correspondent and photojournalist Richard S. Ehrlich, City Times


Maitreya Project International: Building a complex of temples, parks, gardens, monasteries, educational and medical facilities in Bodhgaya, India, the place of Buddhas Enlightenment. At the centre will be a large statue of Maitreya, the future Buddha.

Major Events & Festival: Major Events & Festivals in China and TAR.

Manjushree Center of Tibetan Culture (Darjeeling): MCTC is a charitable trust that was established to help preserve the culture of the Tibetan people. Manjushree Center of Tibetan Culture was founded in 1988. It is registered and approved by the Department of Education of the Central Tibetan Administration of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Milarepa, Yogi of Tibet - Buddhist Saint: Summary of the life of Milarepa, widely known Tibetan Saint. He rose above the miseries of his childhood and took to a solitary life of meditation in the Himalayas until he had achieved the pinnacle of the enlightened state, never to be born again into the whirlpool of worldly existence.

Mindful Productions: The site offers videos of journeys to Nepal, India, Bhutan (coming soon). One such video- "To Touch and Be Touched- A Buddhist Pilgrimage" is about the pilgrimage taken by a woman to the Buddhist Holy sites in Nepal and India. Another video, "Portrait of a Nepalese Family" includes scenes from the Visak Festival in Boudhanath Nepal-- the festival celebrating Buddha's birth, enlightment, and death.

Mirror Web site, The: A web site for The Mirror, the international newspaper of the Dzogchen Community of Cho¨gyal Namkhai Norbu.

Monasteries: Description of life and history of Tibetan Monasteries in exile. Photos.

Namgyal Lhamo: A Tibetan female singer.

Orange County Friends of Tibet: We at Orange County Friends of Tibet are deeply concerned about preserving the endangered Tibetan culture and supporting the Tibetans' nonviolent struggle for independence and self-determination. Our non-profit organization sponsors activities to generate greater public interest and involvement in Tibet and the Tibet movement.

Photogallery and Tibetpage: Images taken in Tibetan Gompa's. in India, Nepal, Sikkim and Tibet. Documentary photographer. images from the Tibetan Tantric Buddhism, monastery life, portraits, landscape's, ritual art. In stock transparencies and jpeg files from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal, India ,Tibet, Sikkim, Sri Lanka. Location photography for travel brochures.

Photographs By Bjorn Svensson or Photosbybjorn.com: A website Showcasing the work of Photojournalist Bjorn Svensson containing photo essays about Ladakh, the Horse festival in Litang and the Tibetan Pilgrims. Other galleries cover other Asian topics.

Pictures from Tibet: Tibet Photographs of people and places in Tibet.

Poetry Store Archive, The:The Poetry Store Archive is like an old-time country store. It has valuable pieces of writing from the East and West collected from the dusty recesses of my mind.

Potala Tours & Travels Pvt Ltd.: Ours is a Travel Company partly owned by the Tibetan Government in exile headed by the H.H the Dalai Lama. We promote Tibetan Culture, religious medicine and astronomy. We also organise group tours and Buddhist rites in India, Nepal and Tibet and even Buddhist teaching and meditations.

Preserving Tibetan Culture: Tibetan culture; political focus; regional associations and support groups; spiritual healing -- Tibetan medicine; Tibetan Buddhism; preservation projects.

Publications by Andreas Gruschke (English): Publications on Tibetan culture, Tibet and Himalayan regions of A. Gruschke: books, picture albums, reports and articles, newspaper articles, scientific papers, books in preparation, book reviews.

Publications by Andreas Gruschke (German): Publications on Tibetan culture, Tibet and Himalayan regions of A. Gruschke: books, picture albums, reports and articles, newspaper articles, scientific papers, books in preparation, book reviews.


Quanyin Spirit Garden and Third Eye Images:Quanyin Spirit Garden and Third Eye Images is a site dedicated to the female Buddha, Quanyin, whose message is one of Mercy, Compassion and Enlightenment. This site has poetry, philosophy, photography and allows one to experience many differing kinds of spirituality. It's main message is that all things are connected in all ways, always.

Rangzen Means Independence: The home page of the International Tibet Independence Movement. Provides links to: Why Tibet is important, What you can do? Tibet Merchandise; Important addresses & websites.

Root Institute for Wisdom Culture: A socially engaged Dharma centre in the Tibetan Tradition, located in Bodhgaya, India. The Institute provides meditation and philosophy courses, as well as charitable health care projects for local community.

Sacred Hoop Magazine Home Page: Sacred Hoop magazine serves to network the spiritual traditions of shamanism and animism. We have many fascinating articles to read on the site, including some from the Tibetan, Mongolian, Tuvan, Siberian and Native American traditions. The site also includes beautiful art work and links to many other sites worldwide.

Sakya Tashi Ling

Seva Service Society of Canada: Seva Service Society works to prevent & relieve suffering and generate meaningful change through compassionate action. Seva supports blindness reversal programs in Tibet, Nepal and India. Seva's Tibetan Sight Program addresses urgent needs -there are an estimated 30,000 blind people in the Tibet Autonomous Region alone.

The Shadow Circus: The CIA in Tibet: This website is accompanies the film, The Shadow Circus: The CIA in Tibet, which tells the little-known story of Tibet's armed struggle against China and the CIA's role in it. It is packed with useful information, historical narratives and additional resources, as well as a comprehensive time line that documents this tumultuous era in Tibetan history.

Snow Lion's Turquoise Mane : Wisdom Tales from Tibet: Surya Das

Stupa of Universal Compassion: The Stupa of Universal Compassion will be the same- size and design as the famous Gyantse Kumbum which was built in Tibet during the 15th Century. It will be 50 metre square at it's base and will rise to a height of almost 50 metres. While the exterior will be similar to the Tibetan original, the interior will be significantly different as the lower three floors will be taken up by a large Gompa seating up to 500 people. Work has commenced on the Stupa and the completion target is 2010.

Summer Foreign Language Institute: The University of Virginia's Summer Foreign Language Institute offers a nine-week, 12-credit introduction to the Tibetan language in both its classical and colloquial forms. Students learn to read Tibetan literature through exposure to a range of sources. Colloquial Tibetan is learned through intensive conversational practice and multimedia programs.

Sunshine Tourism Services Pvt. Ltd.: Special Interest Tours.

Surmang Foundation: The goal of Surmang Foundation is the economic, cultural and social revitalization of a Tibetan region in Qinghai Prov., PR China, known as Surmang. Our hope is to exchange resources to sustain and nourish the communities of this region and bring them back from the edge of cultural dispossession. Current projects include: primary care medical, clinic & school construction, eco-tourism.

Swedish Tibetan Society for School and Culture: The Swedish Tibetan Society for School and Culture is a non-profit organization founded in 1988, have been active in the field of education in Tibet since 1993. The aim of teh societi is to build, renovate, or otherwise support 108 schools in the rural areas in Tibet. By the autumn of 2000, 42of the schools will have been completed.


Tashi Jong/Tibetan Video Project: Tibetan Video Project, a non-profit project of Four Corners Foundation, has been doing video documentation of Tibetan culture and Buddhist teachings since 1994. Recently TVP produced the award-winning film, Tashi Jong: A Traditional Tibetan Community in Exile, which portrays daily life, monastic rituals, and sacred dancing in one of the oldest refuge communities in India. All proceeds directly benefit the community.

Templeinfo: The complete information about Indian temples. Details of Temple architecture, Legends & Myths, travel access to the temples, Hindu festivals.

Tenzin Palmo is Watering the Nuns - an interview with Tenzin Palmo: Ven. Tenzin Palmo, whose biography Cave in the Snow has inspired many women to seek their life1s purpose talks about the lives of Buddhist women and the struggles and victories of establishing a nunnery.

The Great India Tour Company Pvt Ltd

The Stupa Information Page: Everything about stupas: ancient, recent and modern. What they mean, why where they are built, centres with stupas around the world, and stupas currently under construction.

The Tibet Game: Play your way to Nirvana! Starting with no kharma, 1000 Chinese dollars and three illegal photos of the Dalai Lama, your quest is to get to Nirvana by navigating 24 linked interactive panoramas shot on location.

The Tibetan Alphabet and Language: Instructions and material for learning the Tibetan alphabet - also includes useful phrases.

Tibet - a living tradition: Hoping to inspire and encourage new generations of tibetan artists and to promote awareness of contemporary tibetan art and culutre.

Tibetan Association of Northern California: Web site for the Tibetan community in the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California. Many slide show images of our events and members, plus a feature on His Holiness the Dalai Lama and up-to-date links to other related Tibetan sites.

Tibetan Bonpo Media Archive Project: The home page that describes the videos Dauber Film Services and the Tibetan Bonpo Media Archive Project are creating.

Tibetan Cultural Heritage Preservation: The website describes the activities of Tibet Heritage Fund (THF), an international NGO set up in Lhasa in 1996 with the aim to preserve historic buildings and traditional building skills. At present, THF runs a program for the rehabilitation of the historic city center of Lhasa, which aims at restoring and upgrading 76 listed buildings and improving water, sanitation and waste management in Lhasa over the next 5 to 10 years.

Tibetanmedicine.com: Tibetanmedicine.com provides detailed information regarding the natural healing tradition of Tibet, enhanced by beautiful traditional illustrations. It explains Tibetan medicine's theory, and its practices for diagnosing and treating illness. It contains a resource list of practitioners as well as articles, which provide readers with a uniquely sophisticated understanding of Tibetan medicine from a scientific/medical, environmental, spiritual, historical and social perspective.

TIBETcenter Chicago: The TIBETcenter is a not-for-profit Tibetan art & cultural organization, recognized by IRS as tax-exempt under 501(c)(3) and eligible to receive tax deductible contributions to the maximum extent permitted by law. It endeavors to preserve and promote the cultural heritage of Tibet, as well as providing a venue for Tibetan and Buddhist studies. The organization was founded in January 1999 with the blessing of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Tibet cultural sites with photos and information: Tibet's cultural and religious sites with photographs and information, including the Potala palace, Jokhang temple and commentary on the spirituality of the Tibetan people.

Tibet - Dach der Welt - Tibetinfos: Diese Site bietet umfangreiche Informationen Y¨

Tibet - Kilima.com: An online guide to Tibet: Art, Film, Literature, Music, News & Travel

TibetNet-Tibetans' Virtual Homeland (Multilingual Site) (English only): The official name of His Holiness the Dalai Lama's Tibetan Government-in-Exile is the "Central Tibetan Administration" (CTA). The CTA was first established on 29 April 1959 in Mussoorie as the continuation of the Tibetan Government in Tibet. In May 1960, the CTA was moved to Dharamsala in north-west India. The Tibetan people, both in and outside Tibet, recognise the CTA as their sole and legitimate government. It is also being increasingly recognised as the legitimate government of the Tibetan people by parliaments around the world. The CTA spearheads the Tibetan people's struggle to regain their freedom. It also looks after the welfare of some 130,000 Tibetans in exile. The CTA functions according to the modern democratic principles of its constitution, which is adopted by the popularly-elected legislative assembly known as the Assembly of Tibetan People's Deputies. His Holiness the Dalai Lama, reviewing the website before launch, said that he was greatly encouraged to see information on Tibet in so many languages. "With the sudden proliferation of Tibet-related Web sites, it is my hope that a virtual Tibetan community can be created in cyberspace, to be freely accessible to everyone interested in Tibetan Buddhism, Tibetan culture and Tibet's present tragic fate," the Dalai Lama said in a message on the launch. TibetNet is thought to be the first large Web site published in Tibetan.

Tse-Chen Cho-Khor Ling: The Stupa of Universal Compassion - Blessing

Tse-Chen Cho-Khor Ling: The Stupa of Universal Compassion - Contact

Visit Himalaya Nepal ! (Alternative Site): Ghale group arrange Buddhist cultural tour, trekking, rafting, village home stay tour, hotel reservation, Tibet & Bhutan tour.

White Crane Films: White Crane Films, started by Indo-Tibetan filmmakers, Ritu Sarin and Tenzing Sonam in 1990, are one of the leading companies producing films on Tibet-related subjects. Their award-winning films - sensitive and intimate portrayals of various aspects of Tibet - have been broadcast and screened throughout the world.

Yungdrung Bo¨n This site has the purpose of giving a clear exposition of a tradition little known to the general public: Yungdrung Bo¨n, The native religion of Tibet.

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Mapping the Tibetan World
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