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AAHA Nepal: Nepal's premier web portal.

esTibet. Recursos en internet sobre el Tibet: Informaci―n y enlaces clasificados sobre religi―n, instituciones, publicaciones, recursos, noticias, moesica, software... sobre el Tibet.

Hitechvalley iNet - eSolutions Developer from Nepal: Hitechvalley iNet - eSolutions developer from Kathmandu, Nepal is expert in Software and Web applications development, integrated B2C e-commerce solutions, B2B Marketplace development, Content Management Solutions (CMS), Enterprise Intranet applications, Extranet applications, Knowledge Management Solutions. Hitechvalley iNet has developed several marketplace for different industry sectors including tourism, services and others.

Inge Bjart Torkildsen

Introduction to the Baha'i Faith (in Tibetan): A concise but informative introduction to the Baha'i Faith, in Tibetan. No special fonts or programs needed to read these pages.

Matrix Software's Tibetan Astrology Program: Matrix Software's Tibetan astrology program is the first ever made using the richly complex system of Tibetan astrology. It covers all the major techniques. This program is the work of Michael Erlewine in collaboration with Sange Wanchuk and Dr. Drubgyud Tendar.

Online Tibetan to English Translation/Dictionary Tool: This Java tool takes Tibetan language passages - which can be cut and pasted in, typed in Wylie transliteration, or typed in Tibetan script - and divides the passages up into their component phrases and words, and displays corresponding dictionary definitions.

Potala Software: Home page for The Potala Software Organization. Potala Software is a non profit, non funded, volunteer organization dedicated to creating powerful, high quality Windows software for the Tibetan Language.

Prime Travels: When you think of India, leave travel requirements to us. We offer Real-time reservations and Payments are accepted on the Internet. We are the 1st Indian agency to offer complete E-comm solutions.

TDP: The Free Tibetan Document Processor: TDP is a stand-alone document processing program that works with Tibetan and European languages in the Win/95, Win/98 and Win/NT environments. It supports not only word processing and databases inmultiple languages, it also supports faxing and "one-click" e-mailing. It is freeware and is available for FREE download.

The Baha'i Faith Index: Baha'i Faith search engine with close to 3,000 links. Material available in 35 languages. Online discussion area and chat area too.

The Tibetan Webhotel: The Tibetan Webhotel is a nonsectarian and nonprofit project designed to serve people with an interest in Tibetan Buddhism and Tibet in general, and to give organizations etc. with a small budget a possibility to distribute their Tibet related information World Wide Web.

Tibetan Clipart : Complete Tibetan Software Index − Download Goodies!

Tibetan Computer Graphics - Webart, Clipart & Software: Tibetan Computer Graphics has two branches: Tibetan ClipArt & Tibetan Webart. Tibetan Software, Graphics and Webdesign specialized in Tibetan. In short we are giving assistance to Tibetan organizations and societies, Buddhist centers, Tibetan translators and the sangha in general.

Tibetan Computer Company: The Tibetan Computer Company was established in 1986 for the purpose of developing high quality Tibetan-script capable software for the use on the IBM PC platform. Since then the company has developed software for use with the Tibetan language in both the DOS and Windows environments. The Company is famous especially for its fonts which are regarded as the best in the world.

Tibetan For Windows: Tibetan For Windows is a free program for typing and printing using Tibetan fonts.

Tsampa.org: Tsampa.org is home to the Tibetan computing and typography projects of Kristoffer Lindqvist. Containing everything from released software to prototypes, these free programs are especially geared towards turning language data into learning material. Also offers Tibetan fonts.

View Nepal: Nepal's information directory, forum & virtual library.

Web Hosting & Designing: Domain Registration, web hosting, e-commerce solution & software development.

XenoType Technologies Home Page: XenoType Technologies specializes in support for unusual and uncommon languages on the Macintosh.

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Mapping the Tibetan World

Mapping the Tibetan World
The Bible for Tibet-bound travelers

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